About Ellen Naylor

Ellen Head Sweet AIIP 2012Did you know that 75% of healthcare costs go to treat chronic disease? Once you reach adulthood, around 80% of your health is driven by lifestyle. Not only do lifestyle choices have the power to prevent chronic disease, but many are actually reversible through proper diet and work life balance.

I am part of the solution to improve health and wellness, and believe the stress we carry is responsible for many of our health problems. I offer health and wellness programs to corporations where stress is almost an epidemic.

Lately I have gotten a better handle on stress in my life, and have been high strung my whole life. The most life changing is daily meditation which I had resisted for about 25 years. When you get to a place of stillness for just 10-15 minutes a day, it’s amazing the creativity and peace you feel, and how much more you can do in a day with less effort.

My passion is to help my clients spend more time in “I can do” and “I want to do” and less time in “I can’t do” or “I should do, ought to do” modes. As a health coach, I apply the listening and interviewing skills I developed through over 20 years running my marketing business. I listen to individuals pour out the stories that are blocking their energy and enthusiasm for life. They share the wisdom they have from within to make healthier lifestyle choices so they have the energy to pursue their dreams.

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